Game of the Day: Legend of the Golden Robot

Got a bit of the Indiana Jones spirit in you? Feel like saving the world against impossible odds using a long lost artifact of great power? Then today's game is for you: the Legend of the Golden Robot!

Legend of the Golden Robot is a strategy RPG in which you play as an archaeologist tasked with saving the world from an evil wizard who has summoned all sorts of evil creatures. In order to stop this megalomaniac, you must battle your way through hordes of enemies and hostile locations to locate the pieces that make up the legendary Golden Robot, which is rumored to be strong enough to defeat the wizard!

Gameplay involves you exploring a map, attempting to locate both treasure and the parts required to build the Golden Robot. You have to choose whether you want to move or dig each turn, and each dig reveals secrets beneath the earth. However, you aren't free to just dig, oh no, the wizard's evil minions are out to stop you! As you explore, you have to either fight or flee from various enemies on the map. If you choose to bravely duke it out with the enemy, you are brought into an animated, turn based combat mode, similar to Final Fantasy. It's a constant balance between keeping your energy levels high enough to attack, and defending if you suspect the enemy is about to unleash a powerful attack on you!

As you fight and explore, you'll level up, and gain stat points to make your character stronger. As you find more treasure, you'll be able to buy better armor and weapons to defend yourself with, which will allow for you to explore even more dangerous locations for a higher chance of Golden Robot Parts!

So put on your best fedora, grab your shovel, and get ready to

Play Legend of the Golden Robot!

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