Job Descriptions Decoded: Senior Administrative Assistant

<b class="credit">Getty Images (composite: Mack Gelber)</b>
Getty Images (composite: Mack Gelber)

In an interesting twist, this description, while tied directly to a specific organization, is unclear about exactly who the administrative assistant will support. This could be because the organization is unsure where to place a new hire, or it may be because they have many openings. Alternatively, it may reflect a very general job description that the department is mandated to use. The good news, an applicant can go online and research the school and conduct research that will make it easier to target a resume. It will be important to indicate a history of supporting high-level professionals. If you're unfamiliar, a dean or director is either a mid- or high-level position in a school, while the vice president and president's office would likely be more akin to an executive function in a non-educational setting.