9 Clever Techie Business Cards That You'd Want To Have In Your Wallet

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By Business Insider

Because of the omnipresence of smartphones and how easy it is to exchange digital contact info these days, business cards aren't quite as essential as they used to be.

However, a unique business card that helps you stand out could still help cement you an interview at your dream job, especially if you're in the creative tech industry.

We scoured the web to find some of our favorite examples of thinking outside-the-plain-rectangle.

This glass business card is made from an actual iPhone screen.
Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

These geeky business cards make it look like you're holding an actual Notepad file.
Flickr / Amber Case

This security consulting firm uses a business card made of workable lock picks.
Kevin Mitnick

The Credit Card Counseling Society in Vancouver makes business cards that reflect the company's purpose.

Flickr / Emmanuel Buenviaje

This clever card folds up to look like a Mac computer.

Tumblr / Stuff on Things

This company designs business cards that have USBs attached.

The company Arduboy made a splash when it posted a YouTube video of a business card that can actually play 'Tetris.'
Screenshot / YouTube

The custom keyboard company TechKeys created a business card that is a functioning keyboard.
Tech Keys

A mechanical engineer named Bryce Bell created the "Cardapult," a business card that doubles as a catapult.
Bryce Bell

Bonus: Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak famously told Stephen Colbert that he uses his metal business card to cut steaks on airplanes.

Bonus: Mark Zuckerberg used to have a set of very blunt business cards for internal use.
AP Photo/Paul Sakuma
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