Game of the Day: Portal - The Flash Version


A question for all you Games blog readers out there: How often do you think with portals? That answer better be "always" if you're going to want to solve your way through today's Game of the Day: Portal - The Flash version!

Portal: The Flash Version is exactly what it says on the tin: it's a Flash version of the award winning Portal series. Only this time, instead of running around in a 3D world, you're going to have to escape the lab in 2D! The game mechanics are simple: Your objective is to escape multiple rooms filled with obstacles and barriers designed to impede your progress. To assist you in this task, you have a portal gun that shoots out exactly 2 portals: One blue, one orange. When you walk through one, you appear out the other! With something as powerful as this, escaping each room should be a piece of cake, right?

Nope! The first few levels are nice and easy, to get you familiarized, but once you really start getting into the game, you're going to need all of your brainpower to figure out where to go! Up, down, left, right, through the air; you'll need to really think about your portal placement! Each level offers its own, unique challenges, and it's up to you to utilize those portals in the most creative manner possible!

Ready to start thinking with portals? Then

Play Portal: The Flash Version!!