'American Dream Builders,' Episode 10: Before & After

bedroom with mixed and matched prints
Zillow/Room design by Blackband Home & Design.Don't be afraid to mix and match prints!
By Erika Riggs

For the "American Dream Builders" season finale, the two remaining contestants, Lukas Machnik and Jay Riordan, were each given a beachfront home to rehab and redesign. The beach houses suffered from significant wear and tear -- rundown decks and windows and old interiors. Jay took a more traditional approach to the challenge and Lukas went for a minimalist look. Here are some tips for replicating their designs.

Look No. 1: Jay's choices for the draperies, fabrics and wood in the guest bedroom helped to create a warm and airy space. The builder created a statement wall behind the bed with standard 1-by-6 polar boards. "I white washed [the wood] to give it a beachy, rustic feel. The wash made it look like it had been there for 50 or 60 years -- instant character," Jay explained.

Look No. 2: Lukas stuck with his trademark style to create a simple and chic beachside retreat. By opening the living space up and keeping accessories to a minimum, the designer let the home's surroundings shine.

‘American Dream Builders,’ Episode 10: Before & After
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'American Dream Builders,' Episode 10: Before & After
Different patterns, textures and colors create an elegant bedroom.
1. A wood statement wall behind the bed can work in any setting. Add warmth to a bedroom with natural wood planking.

2. Complement your view, no matter what it is. In Jay’s case, an ocean view. “When it came to colors, I used blues and greens that were reflective of the ocean, but didn’t compete with it,” he said. A palette of blues complement the seaside view. (By ZeroEnergy Design.)

3. Unsure what colors to go with in a bedroom? White bedding always works. Then accessorize with colorful pillows and rugs.Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints! (Room design by Blackband Home & Design.)
The original living room was dark and uninteresting.
An all-white palette directs the focus to the scenery outside.
1. Washed whites are beach classics. While blues may recall ocean hues, sun-bleached whites are the best choice for creating a lived-in, waterside feel.
2. Go modern with light fixtures. Keep a beach house from appearing too dated with an exposed metal light.
3. Bring in natural elements as accessories. Plants, flower arrangements or even terrariums are simple accents that work well in any room style.
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