's Top 10 Games to Play Online for Free

Are you a fan of the classic gaming experience? Do you have time to kill? Want a great browser game to play? If you answered positively to these questions, or to any one of these questions at all, then you're in luck! Check out these top 10 free games to get down with while you're doing a bit of waiting for any reason at all! These games range from classics to modernized spin-offs with some catchy new mechanics, and you're sure to find just the game to keep you playing.
just words1. JUST WORDS
Playable by yourself, against the computer, or with someone else, Just Words is a new take on the late, great SCRABBLE. The same rules apply: score big points by stringing together the best word possible with tiles denoting a single letter with an associated point value. As you play, be sure not to miss out on the mad points given by the double- and triple-letter and word tiles! Adhering to the OWK2 (a.k.a. TWL06) official tournaments word list, Just Words will have you decrypting the assorted letters like a pro, with offensive words not available. Can you top the leaderboard?

No doubt the most popular poker game on the circuit, Texas Hold'em comes to you in an addictive browser format at Texas Hold'em is a variation on the common seven-card stud poker game in which all players share common cards on "the board." Use the dealer and blinds button to initiate the betting sequence in a clockwise fashion after each hand.

Generally, poker is a card game in which players bet on the value of the hand they've been dealt by placing a bet into a central pot. The winner is the player holding the highest-valued hand, determined by an established rank of possible hands. Otherwise, the winner is the player who remains in the hand after all others have folded.

A note on blinds: these are mandatory bets made by the first two players clockwise from the dealer button. In all limit games, posted blinds are exactly half of the lower limit for the first player (small blind) and the lower limit for the second player (big blind). Example: in a $10-$20 game, the blinds are $5 and $10.

classic solitaire3. SOLITAIRE: CLASSIC
There's just no way you can't remember the hours you toiled away at Solitaire when it was on your way-old PC. What happened to that single-player magic? Nothing! Solitaire: Classic replicates that classic look and gameplay that kept you at it for hours and hours!

To play Solitaire: Classic, simply stack each pile of cards in alternating red and black colors (suit attention not necessary) until each pile has 13 cards, moving the stacks around to flip over the hidden cards. Once all the stacks are complete, double-click each card to carry it to the top until all suits are perfectly stacked.

Best tip: always flip over your top card first thing, as that will open up your movement possibilities further than arranging any cards laid out on the deal.

letter garden4. LETTER GARDEN
A most imaginative match-style game, Letter Garden takes Just Words to a new level. Adding stress and an at-times mind-boggling game board, the goal of the game is to clear your objectives of eliminating any designated amount of rows and columns per board within the time limit. The element of time in the game adds a layer of stress that makes the available power-ups much more appealing to obtain, as they either help you to create a new word or add time to the gauge. If you're a fan of word puzzles and timed challenges, this one's for you! Can you grow the whole garden?

bubble town5. BUBBLE TOWN
Borb Bay is in real trouble! Use your cannon to fire matching orbs at one another in an attempt to loose them all and expel the troublesome obstacles from Bubble Town once and for all!

In the "Straight Up" mode, use your expertise at banking shots and stringing combos for an added bonus without wasting any shots to claim the highest score in this thrilling match-three shooter. Retro-style gameplay meets hilarious graphics and power-ups that will keep you guessing in Bubble Town!

In "Ball" mode, use your expertise at banking in particular to diminish the Borble Ball before it gets too big and all of your little friends kick the bor-ket! With the gameboard turning with your every move, this one is definitely for the more strategic players. Do your best to release as many Borbs as possible, for with every last shot you waste, the caution zone around Bubble Town gets smaller and smaller! Talk about intense!

backgammon6. BACKGAMMON
There may be no need for an introduction to the Backgammon title, so we'll keep it simple. The goal is to move your checkers across the board and get them off before your opponent. Your moves are dictated by dice rolls, meaning that you are able to move one checker the allotted amount of spaces denoted by the number of dots on any dice roll. Another option is to "bear off" your checkers for a faster win once you have all your checkers on your home board. You may choose to play Backgammon against a computer or another person in public or private games. How many gammons and Backgammons can you accrue before the game is over?

bejeweled7. BEJEWELED 2
The classic Bejeweled hype is heightened in Bejeweled 2! This gem of a game has two playable modes for players of all sensibilities. In "Classic" mode, the rules you've always played by apply. In "Action" mode, you must fill the gauge constantly as it is always running down! In subsequent levels in both modes, it takes more points to fill the gauge, so be on the lookout for an available moment to get a power-up! If you play long and hard enough and earn a decent amount of points, you'll unlock other gameplay modes. What's not to love? Bejeweled 2 has it all.

spades8. SPADES
A card game all about bids, blinds, and bags, Spades has something for everyone in this single- or multi-player experience.

Spades is a partnered card game in which the goal is for each team of partners to take at least the minimum number of "books" (a.k.a. "tricks") on which they bid on before play begins. Trump cards in this room-full-of-fun game are the Spades, hence the name, and holding onto as many as possible and anticipating your opponents' moves is the key to succeeding.

Carefully consider your hand and the information that you're given on what your partner may be holding before placing an official bid on the number of books/tricks you can obtain. Another easy tip to winning big here is to lead with high non-spade cards and save your high spades for later in the game, seeing what's been played so far and making an educated guess at what your opponents may throw on the board next.

Of course, if you're not holding the Ace of Spades, being the highest ranked card in any hand, you can throw low spades in an attempt to get a player to waste it, which will put the control in the King of Spades you may have in your hand. The strategy cascades down from there. Don't be afraid to make Blind Bets in Spades, as being too far behind is always a losing situation, so what have you got to lose!?

book of treasures9. THE BOOK OF TREASURES
Looking for a word-centric adventure game? Like a little bit of stress involved? Down with the idea of hidden messages? Then The Book of Treasures is totally for you! WIth this game, you are given a set of six letters in a sequence of 35 levels. Your goal is to arrange as many 3+ letter words as possible to fill the book stacks attributed to each letter length of word in hopes of getting your letters on the spine of the "Golden Book," which contains one of 35 fragments of a hidden manuscript. Can you beat the clock and get all the pieces?

With "Quest" mode you fill the main storyline and obtain the hidden manuscript; with "Timeless" mode you are able to play without the time constraint; and with "Endless" mode you are able to endlessly spell words with the letters in an attempt to hone your skills and become the book master and find The Book of Treasures!

hearts10. HEARTS
Unique among the Whist variants out there (including Spades, above) is Hearts, which is essentially an evasion-type game. Your goal is to get the least amount of points possible and avoid Heart-suit cards and the Queen of Spades. If this is obviously going to land you in a bad position, you can always do exactly the opposite and shoot the moon, and succeeding in this strategy will have your opponents penalized instead of yourself!

Once a card is played by the determined starter (holder of the 2 of Clubs), everyone must play a card of the same suit. Too bad if you can't, because you just lost the "trick," which goes to the player who plays the highest card of the suit that leads the hand. Collecting the trick doesn't mean it goes into your hand. It is put aside and determined as "yours" to be held onto until scoring takes place. The winner in this fashion starts the next trick.

Do you have what it takes to avoid the others? Find out in Hearts!

You're sure to enjoy these awesome browser games that will hark back to your PC days. However, in the event that you need an even more mobile experience for your gaming, you can always sign into on your mobile devices. If that's just not going to work for you, then apps are the way to go. According to Verizon Wireless, "...even your favorite computer and video games are making a resurgence." IGN agrees, posting a free game of the month and sticking to the love of gaming on the go. In the form of mobile games (whether browser or smartphone format), you can find the above titles and those similar for an excellent gaming experience absolutely anywhere! Happy gaming!
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