Game of the Day: Galactians 2

Hostile aliens approach, Commander! It's up to you to defend the planet in today's Game of the Day: Galactians 2!

Galactians 2 is a retro, 2D shooter where you play as the solitary defender of a planet. Alien hordes descend from the sky, and it's up to you and your spaceship to drive them off! The aliens aren't just going to sit there and take it from you; they're going to try and blow you up as well! Some will hang back and bombard you with laser fire. Others will dive from the sky!

But you need not fear, multiple power-ups await for your spaceship's weapon systems. With that much firepower on your side, you just might make it. Maybe.

The only way to find out for sure is to strap on your space helmet, set lasers to "Pew", and get ready to

Play Galactians 2!

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