The Weekly Roundup: Make Recruiters Work For You

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Recruiters are a necessary and sometimes challenging part of the employment ecosystem. They seek out talented people for companies, but also serve as gatekeepers, controlling the influx of candidates. Their prime objective is to discover the best and weed out the rest for their clients.

Often you will read a job description and assume you are the perfect candidate. You've got all the qualifications and experience listed, but you get nowhere with the recruiter. How does this happen?Understand that it is not personal. There are often dozens or even hundreds of terrific candidates for some jobs. Recruiters are casting a role and they want to deliver a small pool of the most highly eligible prospects to the hiring manager. The recruiter will frequently have an unwritten set of criteria that refines the search far beyond the job description. They want to avoid bad hires and will only pick people that match every specification on their list.

So how can you make yourself a highly attractive candidate that search firms can't resist and create the best possible relationships with a broad group of recruiters? This week I've found five smart articles that dig deep into optimizing your visibility.

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Eye-Tracking Study: How Recruiters View Resumes
Impress me in six seconds! Yep, that's all you get when a recruiter scans your resume before making a "fit/no fit" decision. MarketingProfs looks at eye-tracking research that reveals exactly what they are looking for. So let's take that science and make your resume pass the six-second test.

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7 Secrets to Attracting Recruiters to Your LinkedIn Profile
If you want recruiters knocking on your door, Social-Hire runs through seven big opportunities to make your LinkedIn profile irresistible. Plus, it's not just the 'what,' but the 'how' with specific action steps that will make your profile pop. Time to get to work.

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Recruiter: Treat Your Resume Like a Movie Trailer
Lights! Camera! Action! Think of your career as a blockbuster movie and your resume as the trailer. As mentioned above you've got :06 to wow a recruiter scanning your CV. MyNorthwest explains just how to make the most of every second in that tiny window.

"It's a recruiter's job to find people for jobs, not jobs for people." Kerry Hannon, AARP

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Are Recruiters Really Working for You?
The answer to the question posed in the above headline seems obvious. NO. However, the AARP unravels seven myths around recruiters and reveals the truth. They show you how to make the most out of the recruiter/job seeker relationship on your way to finding your dream gig.

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You're Only 3 Steps From Being a Top-Sourced Job Candidate
Sometimes a few quick tweaks can make all the difference in whether you get noticed in this increasingly competitive market for top talent. The U.S.News & World Report On Careers blog delves into three areas of the job search process that could propel you to the top of the heap as a breakout candidate.

Once again I would love to hear about your experiences and tricks for working with recruiters. If you've got great advice or questions please make sure to share in comments. Have a great holiday weekend!
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