Grads: What Do You Do For The Next Three Months?

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Listen up, college kids. School may be out, but that doesn't mean you should spend the summer floating on an inflatable raft. These are prime months for acquiring job experience, and you can't just jump into your job search blindly. You've got to consider your end goals first.

With that in mind, here's the big question you should be asking yourself: What do I want out of this free three-month block of time?

1) Experience in {insert field}
2) Somewhere to spend your day other than your couch
3) Preferably, some money

1) Don't be afraid to accept an entry-level job in something you know NOTHING about. Example: I've met several software engineers who said their speaking and networking skills came from a random sales gig. Who knew?

2) Say it's June 15. Internships aren't going to be hiring now. What do you do for the next 2.5 months? Got an entry-level skill like developing websites or writing? Freelance! Put your profile on Odesk or Behance (design), or WhiteTruffle (startups). Just make sure they sign your contract specifying terms!

3) Let's face it. You're living at home. Money's nice. But when you're entry level, it's not the breaking point. So get some experience and contacts! It's all right if it's not paid.

Today – June 15: Bombard EVERYONE you know with news that you're available and intelligent. Looking to land an internship? Check out some tips here.
June 15: Reassess your situation. Internship or not? Next steps.

1) Learn something.

  • Always wanted to learn web development + Javascript and near NYC? Come to my FREE four-week/once-a-week series on the best upcoming programming language.
  • Web development not float your boat? Go on Set milestones: You MUST get at least five business cards a day, attend three meetups per week, and have coffee with five random people per week.

2) Take a jump and look into unconventional fields.

  • Look into non-profits. They always need help.
  • Look into starting a business. Could be as simple as canning and distributing your mom's homemade strawberry jelly.
  • Read the first answer here. Do you want to be Type One worker or Type Two worker?

3) Freelance.

  • Set up a profile on Odesk and designer haven Behance. If you don't have traditional "skills", look into becoming a sales intern, community manager, or copywriter. You know that saying "fake it till you make it?" That applies here. Just make sure it's not an overwhelming learning curve.

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