Godzilla Strike Zone Cheats And Tips

After taking a look at yesterday's puzzle-oriented Godzilla Smash 3, we're following the big green guy again with another mobile effort, Godzilla: Strike Zone. However, in this one, you don't control the monster, but instead an Army soldier who must safely parachute to the ground and help evacuate survivors before they get squashed.

This one can get frustrating, so we have a few tips that will help you along.

How do I play Godzilla Strike Zone?

It's divided into segments. The first will involve you jumping out of a plane and safely diving towards the ground while avoiding contact with your fellow soldiers. The next will have you parachuting through the city, avoiding buildings and debris as you make your way to a safe point. Finally, you'll run along the ground, collecting survivors and shooting obstacles while avoiding Godzilla's wrath.

The different gameplay segments offered have some diversity and the graphics are nice, but unfortunately, there are several glitches that can halt your progress. For example, when you're parachuting, there are times when you'll keep colliding into the same building no matter what you do control-wise. The best thing you can do at that point is reset the game and try again.

What's the best way to avoid soldiers in the halo drop section of Godzilla Strike Zone?

Unfortunately, the game relies on faulty tilt mechanics to guide your soldier around - they aren't always accurate. As a result, you'll likely run into one of your fellow soldiers and screw up the dive. The best way around this is to stay in the center of the screen as long as possible. This may be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of tilting your device enough to keep them centered, you should be able to make the jump fine. If not, the game will restart near the last point of your fall, rather the very beginning.

How do I avoid buildings in Godzilla Strike Zone?

Sometimes it can be impossible to do. This part of the game utilizes the same faulty tilt controls as the halo drop, and there will be that small building you keep running into. Again, just restart your game and continue going back to that point, and you should eventually get over. Just avoid collisions when you can, and watch out for debris from above - it'll be earmarked with red exclamation points.

How do I rescue survivors in Godzilla Strike Zone?

Once you hit the ground, keep an eye for on-screen indicators that show you the path where your survivors will be located. Save your ammunition when you see Godzilla, because as you might expect, it has no effect anyway. Instead, use your bullets to break through obstacles, collect the survivors and then get out as quickly as you can. Otherwise, chances are you'll get killed by the big guy, and have to go through it again.

The key here involves finding where you need to go and getting the mission done. That's really the best way around it.

Do I need to pay for anything in Godzilla Strike Zone?

Godzilla Strike Zone won't cost you a cent. Unfortunately, its flawed design and messy controls means you'll try it once and probably not come back. It's a good thing Warner Bros. didn't litter the production with Microtransactions, because that probably would've made it even worse.

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