Game of the Day: Plants vs Zombies

You're going to need both your brains and a green thumb if you want to keep both in today's Game of the Day: Plants vs Zombies!

Plants vs Zombies is an oldie but a goodie, blast from casual gaming past! Playing as a simple homeowner whose lawn appears to be going through the phases of a zombie apocalypse, you must defend yourself using the only way you know how: by planting defense plants of course!

With a wide variety of plants at your disposal, each with its own special powers, you must strike a fine balance between quantity and quality. You only have a limited amount of sunpower at any given time, so not only must you build defensive plants, but you must also build sunpower producing flowers so you can keep building defenses! From the humble Wall Nut to the fast-firing Peashooter, you'll need all the plants you can get your hands on to stop the oncoming horde!

Will you survive the zombie apocalypse? Or will you become fertilizer for your own plants? Only you can find out, by Playing Plants vs Zombies!

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