This Week's Greatest Hits (May 12 - 16)

Getty ImagesFast food workers went on strike worldwide Thursday.

This past week found several big stories hitting the jobs world: the widely publicized firing of New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson on one end, a large-scale, globalized walkout among fast-food workers on the other. But it wasn't all so heavy--one restaurant made headlines when it started offering a discount to the families of well-behaved children. We also put together an expert guide to crafting the perfect headshot for your Facebook or LinkedIn profile.

Check out the week's top stories below.

1. Why Not To Pick Up The Phone When Unemployed
2. 6-Step Guide To A Job-Winning Headshot
3. Job-Hopping: Does It Help Or Hinder Your Career?
4. Fast-Food Workers Walk Off Jobs Worldwide
5. Jill Abramson's Firing Stirs Memories Of An Earlier New York Times
6. Autistic Students With Teachers And Aides Get Surprise Treat
7. How To Write A Great Resume
8. Restaurant Receipt Shows Secret Well-Behaved Kids Discount
9. What Every Teen (And Parent) Needs To Know About Sexual Harassment At Work
10. Job Descriptions Decoded: Sales/Customer Service Position
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