The Weekly Roundup: Getting Social With Job Search, Part 2

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Last week we looked at social media and how it can impact your job search. Much of the focus was on the ugly side of social and what NOT to do. This week let's focus on constructing a professional online identity that grows your network, drives conversations and leads to opportunities.

Yes, it can be intimidating. Each platform serves a different purpose and requires special attention. Few can master all the major social networks and it's best to begin with the basics and scale from there.

But here's the secret. You can do it. It's not hard, but it takes time and a commitment to learning new skills. It's a smart investment in your career. So let's get going.Here are six pieces that illustrate some very savvy and highly actionable steps to create a potent social job search strategy.

Social Job Search 2014
People talk about creating a personal brand as a key piece of guiding your career forward. However, it's easy to say and hard to do. Patrick Stern teaches a class that details the steps you need to take to create an online presence, build a network and start the conversations that will get you a job. Check out his deck below.

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How to Use Google+ to Land Your Next Job
Google+ doesn't get the love it deserves. Job seekers often neglect the reach and hidden power of this gigantic (500,000 and counting) network. So how do you make G+ work for you? Brazen Careerist breaks it down into 4 simple steps that will give you a compelling, highly searchable presence.

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Real World Job Seeker Tips for Winning the Social Network Job Search Game
It's easy to tell people to use social media to bolster their job search, but a whole lot tougher to actually show winning strategies that are actually effective. Social-Hire conducted a poll on social site Quora and came back with real insights on how to maximize your search through social.

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The Top 10 Reasons People Will Follow You on Twitter
If everyone is telling to get going on Twitter now, but you have no idea what to do on the platform, this article is for you. The Savvy Intern provides ten rock solid tips on why people will follow you and how to put those steps into action. So now you can really get going on Twitter.

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7 ways to use social media in your job search
If 60% of recruiters are scouring social networks in search of top talent, maybe you need to make sure your social media house is in order. The Tampa Bay Business Journal has seven smart steps to spruce up and polish your online life to a brilliant sheen that hiring managers will love.
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Job Strategies With Social Media and Search Engines
As part of their "Get a Job Week" series TV station KTLA spoke with job search strategist and "The Job Innerview" author, Scott Engler. See his expert take on social media and the job hunt in the video below.

If you have questions or comments about social media and the job search please hit me up in comments below. Your thoughts and feedback are very important.
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