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Zombie Road Trip
Zombie Road Trip

Noodlecake Studios' Zombie Road Trip is a comical take on the endless runner, as you play an apocalyptic survivor attempting to outrun a large horde of the undead while shooting enemies and performing tricks. This is a reasonably entertaining free-to-play title, with plenty of upgrades to buy using in-game currency and real cash, if you prefer.

You don't need to waste brain cells to get the most from it. Use our helpful tips to survive.

How do I play Zombie Road Trip?

Like any good endless runner, the goal is to keep moving, in this case inside your beat-up car. You'll have to, as a large number of zombies give chase.

Zombies will get in your way, but you have access to a firearm - which you can upgrade or swap out for better weapons. In addition, you can earn boosts by nailing landings from high-up jumps, and flipping your vehicle frontwards or backwards multiple times. The more boosts you earn, the closer you'll get to a wind-powered mega-boost, which will really put you ahead.

How do I perform tricks in Zombie Road Trip?

Look for steep inclines, which you'll consistently run into coming off jumps. Try to flip backwards if you can, because that guarantees a safer landing rather than trying to flip forwards. Also, if you see any zombies on the ground, try to aim for them as you come down, flipping your wheels around to hit them. You'll earn a boost bonus as a result.

How do I perform headshots in Zombie Road Trip?

Your road will constantly shift up and down as you travel along it. If you can, try to shoot your weapon on an incline with a zombie ahead of you. Doing so will guarantee a headshot, and bring you one step closer to completing certain challenges available over the course of the game. You can also swivel your car around with your tire to decapitate them as well - always a nice trick.

What happens if I crash in Zombie Road Trip?

Crashing can occur, especially if you fail to stick the landing after a jump. Don't worry, though. You'll restart right away, with the large zombie horde on your tail. Just try to build up boosts as quickly as you can, and you should get ahead of the pack.

How do I upgrade my vehicle and weapons in Zombie Road Trip?

Visit the shop. Here, you'll find different vehicles that you can purchase using zombie brain coins accumulated within the game. Some of the better vehicles are higher priced, which means you may need to add some real cash to purchase. It's up to you, however.

As for weapons, you can upgrade them as you choose, up to two times, when you purchase them. The assault rifle is a good way to go, but the shotgun is useful for blasting groups of zombies, like the airborne ones. The weapon offers a better spread for hitting more than one creature at a time. Buy it whenever you can.

Gadgets are also available to enhance your performance in Zombie Road Trip. These include everything from a laser sight to dub step music to a zombie indicator to show you when they're up ahead. These are secondary investments, but add to the game overall.

How do I earn lottery tickets in Zombie Road Trip?

You can buy them straight up for 100 zombie coins each, but usually you can snag lottery tickets by tagging the lottery bird that flies across each stage, either by hitting or shooting it. This gives you a free spin, so find these whenever you can. They're not worth buying otherwise, as the chance of increasing your coins are minimal due to all the under-valued panels, sitting at 10 coins or more.

Do I need to pay for anything in Zombie Road Trip?

The general game is free of charge, and you can accumulate a good amount of coins replaying it. If you want the power goods right away, you can make a secondary cash purchase for more zombie brain coins, ranging from $2.99 to $39.99, depending how many you want. There are also packages available with vehicles and weapons, including the military pack for $3.99.

Play the game first and see if the upgrades are right for you.

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