Game of the Day: Kingdom Rush

The Forces of Evil knock on the front door of your once mighty Kingdom! What will you do? Are you the coward hiding behind castle walls, or will you be the one leading the forces of Good up against the barbarian hordes? Find out in today's Game of the Day: Kingdom Rush!

Kingdom Rush is an award-winning, easy-to-learn but hard-to-master Tower Defense game in which the player is tasked with defending the, well, Kingdom from invading enemy forces! You are given just four types of buildings to defend your Kingdom with: the defensive, troop-deploy Barracks, the rapid-firing Archer Tower, the slow-but-deadly Mages, and the explosive Dwarven Bombard. All seems simple, right? Just plop down a few towers and the Kingdom is saved!


You must place your towers strategically so that they are capable of fending off all types of enemies. Placing your buildings in the wrong way will allow enemies to slip through, with catastrophic results! As you slay enemies, you gain gold, which you use to purchase and upgrade your towers, making your archers shoot faster, your soldiers hold the line better, your mages zap things harder, and your cannons more explosive! And if that's not enough, the game features a persistent Upgrade system where you can tailor the gameplay to your style!

And for those who want to take a more direct role on the battlefield, you can! You have access to a variety of spells which can either blast away your enemies with sheer firepower, or deploy reinforcements to hold the line! You also have access to a wide plethora of Heroes you can deploy on the battlefield to lend a hand!

But that's enough talk, it's time for you budding Defenders to

Play Kingdom Rush!!

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