Restaurant Receipt Shows Secret Well-Behaved Kids Discount

Children and restaurants often mix badly. Rambunctious kids tearing through the aisles can raise the blood pressure of patrons while elevating the noise level.

So, when out to a meal, you might appreciate a cute kid who ingratiates rather than enervates. Canadian restaurant Carino Japanese Bistro + Wine certainly does. The establishment has a "Well Behaved Kids" discount on its receipt system, as the blog Eater reported.

What makes the event even more impressive is that it happened in Calgary, Alberta on Mother's Day, which likely means a crowded and noisy restaurant that can set a baby on edge. Reddit user looseONtheGoose posted a picture of the receipt.

In addition to the two glasses of rose, an omelet, order of waffles, and strawberry tiramisu was a $5 discount.

"We wanted to show some appreciation for kids and parents if the kids dined with manners," said restaurant owner Toshi Karino to Yahoo Canada Shine. But it's not something that Karino tells customers about in advance: "This is just our secret appreciation." According to Karino, the restaurant has "often" given the well-behaved discount. There must be a lot of composed children in Calgary.

From the prices, Carino Japanese Bistro doesn't seem to be the average family restaurant. In fact, Air Canada's inflight magazine featured it as one of the ten best new restaurants in Canada last year. Apparently the buzz was a surprise to Karino, who wanted the family -- parents Alicia and Daley and daughter Evie Welsh -- to get in touch for a thank you.

Karino is not the only one who gives out discounts for calm kids. Sogno Di Vino, an Italian restaurant, received some attention last year for offering a $4 discount for well-behaved children, according to Eater. In this case, not only did the family, which made some efforts to teach the kids restaurant etiquette, get some money off the bill, but also a bowl of ice cream to share. The owner told the New York Daily News, "You would never even know that children were in the dining room."

If that is the carrot, there are restaurants that have decided to use the stick instead. Last year a St. Louis restaurant added a profane comment about "needy kids" to a receipt, according to Eater. It was Father's Day and a waitress had apparently typed in the note as a joke to the kitchen, not planning to have it print out.

Last year a Houston Mexican restaurant banned kids under 8 years old after 7pm, according to Time. The owner said that she received complaints from couples who had arranged for babysitters for their own kids only to find someone else's children running around. And, as Huffington Post reported in 2011, McDain's Restaurant of Monroeville, Pa. completely banned children under 6.
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