This Week's Greatest Hits (May 5 - May 9)

Compilation by Sarah Browne

In honor of Mother's Day, we spent much of this past week exploring the way mothers have served as career role models, whether they're teachers, stay-at-home moms, or the real-life version of Betty Draper. Of course, we also covered cupcakes, quitters, and job leads involving the word "donut," but the focus remained squarely on the most important women in all of our lives: our mothers.

Happy weekend, and happy early Mother's Day!

1. What I Learned About Career From My Stay-At-Home Mom
2. What My Mom Taught Me About Work
3. Don't Forget To Thank A Nurse Today
4. First Lady's Secret Service Detail Went Hunting Cupcakes
5. Ask Jack: First Impressions, Cover Letters & Job Of The Week
6. Will You Be Indispensable At Age 72?
7. Job Description Decoder: Senior-Level Finance Position
8. How I Learned Creative Resilience From My Mother
9. Watch Me Quit: The Best Viral Quitting Videos Ever
10. Successful Working Mothers Sum Up The Difficulties Of Motherhood
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