The Best And Worst Things About Working At A Restaurant (Video)

Welcome to Employment, According To Buzzfeed. It's a world where working at a restaurant is exactly like that Girls spec script you've been working on for the past two months, complete with declarations of post-collegiate aimlessness and comic discussions of UTIs. While no adorable animals appear in the clip above, it still continues Buzzfeed's crusade to take the full spectrum of human experience, boil it down, and turn it into a list.

That's not to say that it doesn't have some smart, honest things to say about waiting tables or tending bar for a living. Watch as the best things about working at a restaurant--the tips, the regulars, meeting new people--can turn a dime into the very worst. Restaurant workers typically make headlines only when they're attacked by crazy people or receive outlandish tips on prank shows, so it's refreshing to see the discussion of schedules, co-worker relations, and other restaurant minutia here--in other words, the stuff people actually spend their day dealing with.

Because this is about a Buzzfeed video, I thought it would be appropriate to end with a GIF of a squirrel getting hit by a water balloon.

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