First Lady's Secret Service Detail Went Hunting Cupcakes

AFP/Getty ImagesUS First Lady Michelle Obama and Vogue Magazine Editor Anna Wintour at ribbon-cutting ceremony.
First Lady Michelle Obama has become synonymous with healthy eating, exercise, and community service, as her Twitter feed suggests. But while the Secret Service agents assigned to protect her undoubtedly have a focus on public service and the fitness requirements of the job, healthy eating might not be a priority.

At least that's what a report in the New York Post's Page Six suggests. Apparently during a stop in New York City, an unnamed agent went in search of a cupcake. And not just any old cupcake, but one from Magnolia Bakery, made famous by the television show Sex and the City.

Just when you thought that law enforcement officers were only partial to doughnuts.

Michele Obama had been at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday to cut the ribbon at the opening of the new Anna Wintour Costume Center at the museum's Costume Institute, as the Wall Street Journal reported. (Apparently Wintour's steely reputation gave way to some tears.)

Then Mrs. Obama headed to the West 12th St. apartment of Tracy Maitland and Kimberly Hatchett, potential backers for the Obama Presidential Library, according to the Post. While she visited the couple, one of her Secret Service agents apparently got the urge for something out of the high fiber and low fat regime and reportedly asked the doorman for directions to Magnolia Bakery.

Presumably the agent was either temporarily off-duty or covered by others so he could seek that sugar siren. AOL Jobs contacted the Secret Service but hasn't yet heard back, either in terms of the schedule or what variety cupcake the agent picked up.

Did the agent bring back enough for everyone, or could this have been a surreptitious errand for the First Lady, who might get tired of being an icon of healthy eating all the time?

It's not the first time the Secret Service has been associated with cupcakes. In 2012, WDBJ-TV reported that a Radford, Virginia mom-and-pop bakery had turned down a visit by Vice President Biden. Chris McMurray, the "pop" owner of "Crumb and Get It," was willing to miss out on the publicity because he had been offended by the President's widely reported remarks to American business that "you didn't build that." He didn't want to be part of a photo op because he didn't agree with the administration.

The cupcake tie-in came at the end. According to the station, a Secret Service agent came in after Biden's advance people were given the thumbs down and bought a round of cookies and cupcakes and told McMurrary, "Thanks for standing up and saying 'no'."

Maybe they ended up at a vegan restaurant and the agents needed some balance in their diets.
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