Which State Gives The Chintziest Tips In America?

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Quartz has some bad news for you if you're a restaurant server in Nevada or New Jersey. A study they conducted using data provided by payment service Square reveals which states tip the highest and which the lowest, and the results are surprising, to say the least.

West Virginia came out on top, with an average tip of 20.1 percent, while Nevada, where the average tip is 14 percent, doesn't look so hot. For reference, the average national tip is 16.5 percent.

However, if we're talking about food trucks rather than restaurants, prospective mobile vendors would do well to move to Iowa, where tips rocket to nearly 25 percent. Pennsylvania and Georgia, meanwhile, are better avoided, with both tipping less than 15 percent on average.

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Cafe tipping was also measured; South Carolina showed the most love for its baristas with 23 percent tips, while Hawaiians, who tip around 15 percent, would rather brew their coffee at home.

The study also covered whether patrons tip at all. It found that nearly 80 percent of Maine's customers tip--as opposed to a mere 42 percent of New Jersey's. And while it showed that only 57 percent of Americans tip overall, this might be skewed due to the fact that the study only covered establishments that use Square.

It also doesn't take into consideration tips like this one, which on its own should raise California's average a good three percent.

Check out the rest of the data here.

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