This Week's Greatest Hits (April 28 - May 2)

Senate Democrats Address Press After Weekly Policy Luncheon
Getty ImagesSenate majority leader Harry Reid said he would bring the proposed minimum wage hike back for another vote.

Missed some of our posts this week? Fear not! We've rounded up ten of our favorite stories in convenient list form for your perusal. This week found the minimum wage making headlines as a proposed hike was squashed in Senate, while elsewhere we covered summer jobs, classified ad doublespeak, and a Washington company that's making the world's coolest water bottle.

1. Minimum Wage Debate In A Nutshell
2. What Teens Gain From Summer Jobs And Where To Find Them Now
3. What Job Interviewers Say VS What They Actually Mean
4. Job Listings Decoder: Tire Maintenance Technician
5. Liberty Bottleworks Makes Water Bottles The Washington Way
6. Who Do I Complain To About Discrimination If I'm In HR?
7. The Big Boom In Health Care Jobs
8. Ask Jack: Beating Stress, Facebook Likes, And Job Of The Week
9. What Are You Doing After Graduation?
10. Tennessee Deputy Fired After Appearing To Choke Student
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