Shaquille O'Neal Just Won LinkedIn

Shaquille O'Neal Visits Macy's Herald Square
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Your favorite '90s star just got on LinkedIn! No, not John Stamos. Even better: Shaquille O'Neal! And while you probably shouldn't use his profile as a model for your own (we have some tips for that), it's still a frontrunner for the admittedly slightly dubious title of "Best LinkedIn Profile Ever Created."

Witness the honesty on display: "My best asset is that I am proven to lead teams to championships. I mean multiple championships."

You hear that? Multiple championships. He might as well have said he graduated from the University of Awesome, in Cool Town, Nevada, and it would be an equally reasonable thing to say (in fact, Shaq recently got his doctorate at Barry University).
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And the fact that his job title is listed as "CEO President at Alot of Different Companies"? Not even an exaggeration, really (although a guy with a degree in education shouldn't be messing up "a lot"). As SBNation reports, O'Neal owns upwards of 55 Five Guys restaurants--or, as they accurately note, "That's 275 guys."

On the off chance that you're doubting the authenticity of all this, a representative confirmed to Slate that yes, this is Shaquille O'Neal's actual LinkedIn profile. But as much as we love everything about this, we can't help but note the fact that he left Steel off his resume here.

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