Video: Air Canada Bag Handlers Toss Luggage 20 Feet To Tarmac

Air Canada Baggage Fail

We've all looked for ways to increase our efficiency on the job, little time-cutting measures that shave a second here, a second there. That's fine when your job isn't handling other people's valuables, but when you're a baggage handler for a major airline? Not so much, as two Air Canada workers are learning this week.

The airline tweeted an apology Saturday after a video showing baggage handlers dropping luggage around 20 feet into a bin went viral.

"The actions in the video don't represent our procedure," they wrote. "We are disappointed & sorry about what happened. We're investigating."

While it's unlikely that anyone assumed Air Canada's official procedure involved chucking suitcases over a railing into a bin below, rather than simply walking them down a ramp to the tarmac, but some Twitter users are sympathizing with the accused workers. Dwayne Stewart, who filmed the incident at Toronto's Pearson International Airport, also said that he couldn't quite bring himself to blame the handlers for their behavior.

"They [were] looking for the faster, most efficient solution," he told CBC News. "I understand why they would do that, from a workplace safety point of view, but that doesn't help passengers whose baggage they don't want to have treated in that fashion."

Stewart's video has received over a million views. Air Canada spokeswoman Angela Mah has described the baggage-drop "totally unacceptable" (and not "totally fun," which is what it looks like) and that the workers could lose their jobs "pending the outcome of our investigation."

Hey, at least they weren't drunk. As far as we know.

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