The Weekly Roundup: Mastering the Art of LinkedIn

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With 300 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is the clear #1 social networking site for job seekers and professionals. It's the perfect place to showcase your skills and experience, connect with colleagues and look for the next step in your career.

But... (there's always a "but" isn't there?) are you making the most of the site and everything it has to offer?It's a powerful tool that requires almost daily attention and a bit of expertise. To find that extra edge, let's turn to the experts for some in-depth knowledge and insider tricks. Here are five great articles to help you become a LinkedIn master.

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The Ultimate LinkedIn Checklist
When Careerealism says ultimate, they mean ultimate. They start with everything you need to know about optimizing your profile, building a network and expanding your reach. Then they dig deep into the finer points of cultivating strategic connections and keeping your LinkedIn profile fresh and your search rankings high. This is a must-do list for all job seekers.

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How to Represent Your Unique Career Path on Your LinkedIn Profile
Not everyone has a linear career path. How do you account for multiple temp jobs, periods of unemployment as well as other zigs and zags in your professional life? Take a stroll through this Slideshare presentation from the LinkedIn blog. They will show you how to tell a compelling and cohesive story no matter where your career has taken you.

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The Do's and Don'ts of LinkedIn Etiquette
Like all social networking sites, LinkedIn has developed its own unique set of unwritten rules and it's easy to break them without even knowing it. What's a job seeker to do? The New York Post has a quick and easy guide to set you on the path to navigating the site with elegance and poise.

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How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Headline
The Daily Muse dares to ask the tough question, "Does your LinkedIn profile headline suck?" Most users don't bother to change it from the default of current company and title. But what if you could write a headline that really pops and gets you noticed? Watch this 90-second video and find out how.

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How To Stop People From Congratulating You Every Time You Tweak Your LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn requires constant tweaking and updating. However, whenever you add a skill, follow a company or make even a tiny change, activity broadcasts will show up in your connections' news streams followed by a flood of congratulatory emails from those same connections. Plus, it could tip your boss or coworkers that you are on the hunt. Business Insider shows you step-by-step how to stop the madness with a quick change to your profile settings.

What works best for you on LinkedIn? Share your favorite hacks and hidden features in comments below. Good luck on the job hunt. Enjoy a spring weekend and see you next week!
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