ICYMI: 5 Cool Videos

FoxWear shorts at your own risk.
We're back, just in time for the weekend, with five cool videos to help get you through the Friday afternoon slog. Check out what went down this week in video form.

5 Jobs Most Likely to Lead to Weight Gain

1. 5 Jobs Most Likely To Lead To Weight Gain

No, "donut quality tester" isn't one of the jobs on the list. You'll be surprised at the results of this new study from CareerBuilder--it's pretty heavy stuff (sorry).

Yahoo's Ousted COO Gets $58M Severance Package
2. Yahoo's Ousted COO Gets $58 Million Severance Package
This past week, we did some research into how executive wages stack up against those of average employees, and the results were slightly disturbing, to say the least. What's even more disturbing, though, is how executive severance packages are equally immense, as this video shows.

Craze: FDA Warns of Sports Supplement Pulled From Shelves3. Craze: FDA Warns Of Sports Supplement Pulled From Shelves
When you see dudes pounding protein powder, it's already as if they're experiencing some kind of amphetamine rush. But happens when a company goes and adds actual amphetamines to the mix? One company did just that, and the FDA was none too thrilled.

Hair Ad Mocking Kim Jong-Un Upsets North Korean Officials
4. Hair Ad Mocking Kim Jong-Un Upsets North Korean Officials
Oddly overlapping with some slightly sketchy reports that North Korean men must wear their hair in the manner of Kim Jong-Un, one salon drew the ire of North Korean officials when the manager put a mocking image of the leader in the window. That's not so surprising, but get this: the salon was in LONDON.

'Bully' Judge Kicks Lawyer Out For Knee Brace And Shorts5. 'Bully' Judge Kicks Lawyer Out For Knee Brace And Shorts
A courtroom isn't the kind of environment that lends itself to shorts and a t-shirt. But in the case of an injury--say, the kind that prevents you from wearing pants--should an exception be made? That's the question we're asking after a judge barred a lawyer from entering because he was in a pair of shorts with his leg taped up.
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