Rapping Doctor On Cast Maintenance: 'Don't Hate, Just Elevate'

Everyone knows about the healing power of medicine. But what about the healing power of rap? One doctor (or medic, actually) has found a way to combine the two in a video that has quickly gone viral.

While the 'Cast Rules Jingle' isn't likely to supplant Illmatic as a classic of the genre, it's far more awkwardly adorable. Watch as the staff sergeant/orthopedic specialist at an Army base describes the specifics of at-home cast maintenance to a little girl who's broken her foot--in rhyme!

"Don't get the cast wet, don't stick nothin' in it/Cause if you did, you're the one who has to deal with it," the doctor raps as a co-worker films him.

"Don't hate, just elevate/Don't sign the papers to send me to Ricky Lake."

Jessica Bennett, the patient's mother, told Newsy that the staff sergeant was amazing, and even sang snippets from Frozen when he realized she was nervous.

The video was originally posted on Reddit by one of Bennett's co-workers. In just over a day it's received over 270,000 views, and is still climbing. Looks like Dr. Dre's no longer the only MD in the rap game.

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