Salon Ad Ridicules Kim Jong-Un's Haircut, Manager Visited By Irate North Korean Officials

When London hair salon manager Mo Nabbach put a sign in his window reading "Bad Hair Day?" accompanied by an image of North Korea's child ruler Joffrey Baratheon Kim Jong-un, he didn't expect to spark an international situation. But the poster soon drew a pair of very unexpected visitors, and, as the Guardian reported, they weren't looking for haircuts.

"The day after it went up, two Asian-looking guys wearing suits turned up," Nabbach, who runs South Ealing's M&M Hair Academy, told the Guardian. "One was taking pictures and the other taking notes. I said to my client at the time, 'I think they are North Korean officials.'"

The pair allegedly told him to remove the poster, which they described as disrespectful to their immortal overlord leader. But Nabbach said that he frequently used pictures of celebrities in promotions (the poster advertised a 15-percent off offer), including Lady Diana.

"I told them: 'Listen, this is not North Korea. This is England," said Nabbach.

FacebookBarber Karim Nabbach designed the offending poster.

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The poster was designed by Nabbach's son, Karim, who hoped the humor and edginess factor would draw customers. Ironically, viral (if unreliable) reports have emerged that it's now compulsory for North Korean men to wear their hair like Kim Jong-un, although the Korean Times claims some have compared the 'do to that of a "Chinese smuggler."

Police sources traced Nabbach's visitors back to the North Korean embassy, which is just a 10-minute walk from Nabbach's salon, although the manager said the two never actually identified themselves as embassy officials. A spokesman at the embassy declined to comment on the story.

So will Nabbach start offering a special on cuts resembling that of the demigodstyle iconsocially awkward dictator. Probably not.

"Perhaps if David Beckham wore it," his son told the Guardian. "But I don't really see it catching on, to be honest."

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