Who Makes What? CEOs vs Everyone Else

CEOs Testify On Tax Code At Senate Finance Hearing
Getty ImagesCVS Caremark CEO Larry Merlo: Mustaches connote power.

Nothing gets people riled up like wage disparity. Want to kill two hours while slowly escalating rage burns away at your insides? Pay a visit to the internet K-hole that is celebritynetworth.com, where the savings accounts of the rich and famous are laid out with crushing matter-of-factness. It's easy to look at the earnings of a Russian scrap metal billionaire and wonder what they could possibly do that's so important--especially, as my girlfriend pointed out, when the eminent Ryan Gosling is worth a comparably paltry $30 million.

But net worth is one thing--actual salaries are another. And sure, tech zillionaires (like Mark Zuckerberg) who elect to receive a one-dollar salary are making a nice gesture toward the fact that they have more money than they can spend in ten lifetimes. But when you match them up against a lowly software programmer, for instance, the total arbitrariness of salary in relation to job description becomes all too apparent.

Want to see why? Just take a look at some of the match-ups we've put together for our inaugural installment of Who Makes What? CEOs vs Everyone Else.