IRS Tax Refund 101: How to Travel on Your Refund

Dreaming Of Refunds
As most Americans know, tomorrow is the deadline to file your 2013 taxes with the IRS. There is an upside, however, to paying taxes. Well, other than paved roads and schools and whatnot: getting your refund. And the best use of that newfound money is, of course, travel.

Here is a comprehensive list of ideas where your refund can take you, broken down by just how much you're getting back.

Owe $200

For some of you, filing your taxes will yield nothing more than a valid excuse to head to Las Vegas and earn enough dough to pay back the government.

$0 to $500

Take a day or weekend trip to your nearest beach town. This strategy is more feasible for the coastal dwellers than the inland inhabitants, of course. So if you call Kansas home, head to the nearest lake town. Spend your weekend -- and refund -- relaxing cheaply by water and nature.

$501 to $1,000

Check out that city near you or on your coast that you've been meaning to visit for years. If you're from the East Coast and have never made it to Boston, now's your chance. Wherever you call home, there's a city nearby you've been meaning to see but never have -- visit it.

$1,000 to $5,000

With a more sizable refund like this one, longer distance flights have now entered the equation. Rather than check out the nearby city or mountain town you've never seen, go visit the one on the opposite side of the country. You're from Philadelphia and have never been to the West Coast? Buy your ticket and go.

$5,001 to $10,000

With a refund in this range, you've got lots of options. If you're looking for a week of complete relaxation and pampering, opt for a fancy all-inclusive. If you've been dreaming of German beer and Italian coffee, head to Europe. And if you're a loyal beach bum looking to go a bit further afield, spend your money and time on an island in the Caribbean.

$10,001 and up

Get a new accountant, that's way too much money to loan to the government interest free.

Great Places To Go Using Your Tax Refund

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