Amy's Baking Company: Back And Scary As Ever

You know the saying that any press is good press? That seems to be the case for the appearance of Amy's Baking Company on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, which AOL reported on last May. Even as people excoriated the Scottsdale, Ariz. restaurant and owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo on social media, the episode had strong ratings, with more than 3.3 million viewers according to TV By the Numbers, beaten in its time slot only by Undercover Boss.

Millions more on YouTube either viewed the episode, clips or other videos about the owners, according to an AOL Jobs count. In an interview with Today, Amy Bouzaglo said that the restaurant has become a tourist attraction, only "like Disneyland for the crazies." So, what better than to feature Amy's Baking Company again?More than 3 million people tuned in to watch this time, according to another TV By the Numbers report. Maybe it was the previous controversy, when the restaurant played poster child for places consumers should not patronize. Amy's Baking Company served pizzas that were raw in the middle, pretended that frozen ravioli were fresh, pocketed servers' tips, abused customers, delivered food long after it was ordered and swore even more than Ramsay did. The end of the episode showed Ramsay giving up for the first time and walking away from trying to help a restaurant.

This time, viewers didn't get to see another collision between hot-tempered Ramsay and the couple, according to the Today story.

"The way things were left, with Gordon walking out and it being a very heated departure, we decided that it was best that Gordon didn't go, nor did he want to go back," explained [executive producer Arthur] Smith. "So we preferred to do it this way - send a reporter in ... and have her check up on them and see what they're doing and see how they're feeling and everything else."

Much of this episode was a recap of the previous one with some previously unreleased material that didn't make it into the first round and a new set of interviews. Apparently the Bouzaglos still think they did nothing wrong, according to the blog Jezebel, and are still angry, although they've claimed to want to leave the past behind. You can hardly blame them -- in addition to the bad publicity, both have reportedly served jail time, according to the Huffington Post.

But it's not clear that the past wants to leave them behind. The newest reviews on Yelp are still largely scathing. As an Allison W. of Columbus, Ohio wrote, "As fans of [Kitchen Nightmares], we decided to see if its really as bad as it's shown to be on TV... It is." And, according to a Jeanne D. of Phoenix, service can still be slow:

Here's the time table...seated at 8:32, signed the waivers as they were filming for their purposes, order taken at 8:42. Culinary Connie's salad arrived at 9:25 and the rest of the meal, one at a time at 9:40, 41 and we were asked if there was anything else and we told the food runner we were waiting on a pizza which was immediately brought out to us.

One difference is that in the past, Amy and Samy claimed that nasty responses directed to their online critics were the results of "hackers." Now they take pride in authorship, according to Gawker.

Every single post single post that was written [immediately after the episode aired] calling people [bleeped] and making fun of them for not making money did not come from us. We didn't say those things. Now we are. Because now you have lit the fire inside of us. Now, when we're calling people little trolls and telling them that they have no balls, yes, that's us, because I think it takes a very special kind of person, it's called a eunuch, to be able to call someone and bully them over the phone or through the internet when you don't know who they are.

After the initial appearance and firestorm came word that Samy faced an immigration hearing, according to Huffington Post. But something must have gone right, as he lived to work -- and fight -- another day.

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