The Weekly Roundup: Crush That Interview, Part 2

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When I was starting my career I thought all it took to nail an interview was confidence and enthusiasm. As I moved upward in my career I found myself on the other side of the table interviewing hundreds of recent college graduates. Here's what I can tell you. Yes, enthusiasm, confidence and passion all count, but so many other factors come into play. If you are not ready, you won't survive the interview.I watched countless prospective employees come in unprepared, unrehearsed and simply not ready for prime time. They had big smiles, firm handshakes and tons of confidence. However, they didn't know the company. They hadn't bothered to learn much about the job. I always knew after a few minutes and a couple of questions that they were wasting my time.

On the other hand I was amazed at how many people had done their homework and crushed the interview. They had confidence, but they also had the skills, experience and answers to back it up. They knew all about the company, they had researched the job and they were ready to walk right into the open position. These people are your competition and if you aren't ready they will eat your lunch.

This week we've got some great items that will power up your skills and help you stand out in any interview.

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INSTANT MBA: 14 Interview Questions You Should Never Answer
It's a trap! Most interviewers will only ask questions pertaining to the job, but some bad actors will use an interview to fish for information with inappropriate and even illegal questions. Business Insider helps you watch out for the questions that employers shouldn't ask and you definitely shouldn't answer.

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How to Conquer the Dreaded Phone Interview
A phone interview sounds so simple, so easy, but don't be fooled. One common slip can lead to many candidates being disqualified immediately. It doesn't have to be so hard. The Daily Muse helps you prep for that important phone call and how to avoid the #1 mistake almost everyone makes.

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How To Answer, "What's Your Greatest Weakness?"
It's the oldest question in the book, perhaps the ultimate trick question. So why are we still answering it wrong? The right answer isn't "I work too hard" or "I expect too much of others." Careerealism shows you the best way to transform a negative into a positive every time!

6 Avoidable Job Interview Mistakes (And What to Do Instead)
You can predict what will happen in a job interview, but you can plan ahead and avoid huge mistakes with a little homework. Business News Daily talks to two hiring experts who detail six big blunders that could cost you the job and the best ways to prevent disaster.

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