Customer Reduced To Tears By Words Written On Subway Order

If you've ever worked in retail, you're probably well aware of the many ways clerks and cashiers typecast customers to keep from getting confused: the guy in the blue shirt is Blue Shirt; the woman with the face tattoo is Face Tattoo Lady. And so on.

It's obviously understood that you're supposed to keep these mental descriptions to yourself, but one Subway employee recently let his thoughts about a customer's physicality slip out into the open, and the customer isn't too happy about it.

"Big Mama" were the words Allison Brown of Murrieta, California found on the box of her Subway "Flatizza" (a kind of flatbread pizza so horrifically dubbed it must always be mentioned in scare quotes) when she got home.

"It's not right. It's really not right," she told ABC as her face flushed with emotion.

Brown described herself as a long-time Subway customer who, as someone who's struggled with her weight, has felt inspired by restaurant spokesman and weight-loss guru Jared Fogle.

"It's not nice to be picked on. It's not nice to be made fun of," she said. "This really destroyed me."

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After approaching the restaurant's owner, who only apologized and told her that the employee didn't know any better, Brown hired attorney Dan Gilleon. Instead of money, Brown is seeking anti-discrimination training for all Subway employees.

"This was discrimination, harassment, teasing, mocking somebody--a customer," Gilleon told ABC. He added that Subway has so far ignored his client's requests.

Restaurant owner Sanjiv Mehta has since reached out with an official apology, and stated that the offending employee has been disciplined. As for Brown...well, it looks like Quizno's may be getting a much-needed customer.

"I will never set foot in a Subway again," she said. "You couldn't pay me to eat there again."

At least she'll avoid those nasty yoga mat chemicals Subway's been using.

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