Beware The Coffee Urinator: The Week's 5 Coolest Videos

Culpeper Police Dept.Do not let this man near your coffee.
It's the end of the week! Time to relax, crack a beer (or alcoholic juice drink) and celebrate the weekend by watching the five coolest videos of the moment. We've done the legwork for you by rounding up this past week's craziest stories (here in video form), so check 'em out--and be careful with that juice stuff.

1. Woman Doing Unlicensed Dental Work Appears In Court
Woman Doing Unlicensed Dental Work Appears in Court
Most people already blanch at the idea of going to the dentist for a routine checkup, so one would think that getting your teeth cleaned by the local DIY-er operating out of their living room wouldn't be so appealing. But one Wisconsin woman, who illegally operated on as many as ten patients a day despite not having a license or any medical credentials (unless you consider the ability to wield sharp, shiny objects "credentials"), is proving otherwise.

2. Postal Worker Accused of Selling Pot From Mail Truck
Postal Worker Accused of Selling Pot from Mail TruckSpecial delivery! WPIX reports that a postal worker has been accused of selling marijuana out of his truck after getting caught making a deal in the post office's parking lot. At least he didn't forcibly hurl it against someone's garage.

3. UPS Re-Hires 250 Who Walked Off Job To Protest Co-Worker's Termination
UPS Unfires 250 Who Walked Off Job To Protest Coworker's TerminationOn a slightly more positive note for mail carriers, UPS re-hired the 250 drivers it axed for participating in a walkout. While the Teamsters union that pressured UPS to give the workers their jobs back has agreed to describe the work-stoppage as illegal, it's actually specifically permitted in their deal with UPS. For more on this, click here.

4. Man Ordered To Pay $5,001 For Urinating In Co-Worker's Coffee
Man Ordered to Pay $5,001 for Urinating in Co-Worker's Coffee
Sometimes the past has a way of catching up with you, as it did for James Carroll Butler, a Virginia man who admitted to urinating in a co-worker's coffee pot five years ago. He's paying the price now, to the tune of $5,001. Can we make a joke about pissing one's money away?

5. New French Policy: No Work Calls After Hours
New French Policy: No Work Calls After Hours
Does anyone really need another reason to pack up and move to France? In addition to having pretty decent food, the country is now making strides to reclaim what little work-life balance can be salvaged in this mile-a-minute, super-connected world of ours, as bosses in the IT sector have now been banned from sending their employees after-work emails.
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