Video: Rat Terrorizes Commuters on NYC Subway

Ah, the morning commute. Time to read, enjoy a coffee, and silently pronounce your hatred for public transportation. New Yorkers are used to crowded subway conditions, but commuters had to put up with an unexpected additional passenger when a rat got loose on a train car during the morning rush hour. One commuter captured the event on video, and while people's reactions are pretty much what you'd expect, that doesn't make them any less hilarious."Rat on the train!" someone shouts, prompting commuters to lift their feet or stand on seats when they're not screaming like banshees.

I strikes us as an oddly specific thing to shout, like "Fire in the movie theater!" or "Komodo dragon in the daycare center!" But it does the job.

The rat runs from side to side, seeming to enjoy itself. The video, which software developer Jinais Ponnampadikkal Kader caught on his cell phone, ends when the train stops at Brooklyn's High Street station.

As New Yorkers know, this is a city that can be alienating, impersonal, and lonely. But stories like this are a beautiful reminder that it doesn't take much to bring New Yorkers together.

As of Thursday morning, Kader's video has more than one million views.

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