Wackiest Reasons People Miss Work

<b class="credit">Alamy</b>Even this cat is skeptical.
AlamyEven this cat is skeptical.

Is work becoming tiresome? Do you need a "mental health day" and a break from your job and co-workers? Sometimes, just calling in sick (cough, cough) doesn't seem inventive or interesting enough, and you ramp it up a bit by offering a more interesting excuse.

Before you decide to call in sick (when you're not really sick), or provide another excuse to stay home, keep in mind that some distrusting employers may decide to check up on you. A survey from Career Builder found 30% of employers checked in on employees to make sure they weren't making up excuses to miss work. The survey found 64% required a doctor's note for being sick, 48% called the employee during the missed day of work, 19% snooped on social media posts, 17% asked another employee to call the worker and 15% reported that they had driven by the employee's house. (Presumably to determine if the person was actually at home or not.)

Recently, a man in Florida went so far as to fake a home burglary to avoid going into work. Apparently, he did not know that reporting a false crime was actually illegal; he wound up in jail.