When To 'Reply All'

When To 'Reply All'

While some say email is a dying breed (some colleges don't even assign students email addresses), the fact is, many people still rely on email for personal and work communication. Even though this avenue of communication is considered a dinosaur by those shifting to texting or direct messaging for their main modes of keeping in touch, there are still etiquette elements that confuse some users and cause consternation among their peers and colleagues. Chief among them is "reply all."

Innocuous enough, on the surface, "reply all" is a great convenience. Instead of typing everyone's email address on a distribution, you can easily send an email to everyone on the list. However, we've all heard stories of how things can easily go awry when people mistakenly reply to an entire list instead of one person.

No one likes to get emails they don't need to see, and even if the solution is a swift tap of the "delete" button, using "reply to all" on email messages can irritate people. Consider these situations and think twice before you send your next email to everyone on the possible recipient list.

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