Man Leaves Waitress $1K Tip For Trip To Italy

April is looking to be a very good month for waitresses. Last week found an April Fools' prank showering a struggling LA server with money, a new car, and gallons of sticky sentiment, and now another waitress has received the tip of her life. Maybe it's time to quit that office job and grab an apron.

The story comes from Tumblr, where the unidentified server's daughter posted about her mom's good fortune. According to the post, a customer tipped her mother $1,000 after a seemingly normal meal, with the money intended to cover a trip to Italy.

"She had talked to him about Italy," the post reads. "Her people are from Florence, and she said she's never been."

The post also said that the server has eight years of art education, and has been stuck working as a small-town waitress since getting divorced six years ago.

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"It's pretty sad and disappointing, I guess," the woman's daughter wrote. "She hasn't had a real job ever." What, working at a restaurant doesn't count?

After leaving the tip, the man left the restaurant without another word to the server--just a quick note reading, "Your ticket to Italy. Enjoy!"

"Just when I start to lose faith in humanity," wrote her daughter.

A photo of the bill shows the man's note, along with the tip and signature (the name is illegible). The bill amounted to $62.42. While he might've left a $1,000 tip, the photo shows that there's still 42 cents outstanding. Hopefully management won't be taking that out of the waitress's earnings?

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