Chris Brown Racks Up Air Miles, but Not Points, Flying Con Air

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Chris Brown and his neck tattoos have been traveling the United States by airplane since Thursday. But unlike most road warriors, he's not picking up frequent flyer miles. (And, no, it's not because he's on Delta.)

The R&B singer, who's best known for assaulting his then-girlfriend Rhianna in 2009, is flying Con Air (remember the Nicholas Cage movie?) from Los Angeles to Washington, DC, where he's facing charges of misdemeanor assault. The allegations stem from a fight outside the W Hotel in October.

According to TMZ,

Brown was taken from his L.A. County jail cell Thursday by U.S. Marshals for the cross country trip.

We're told he made several stops along the way [standard Con Air procedure] and typically when a prisoner lands he is taken to a nearby jail to wait for the next available flight.

Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos will be in a D.C. courtroom Monday trying to get his client's case dismissed on grounds of grand jury misconduct. It's unclear if Chris will make it to the hearing.

So Brown's flight's not arriving in time for his appointment. Stars, they're just like US!

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Chris Brown on 4-Day Con-Air Flight to D.C. For Trial
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