The Weekly Roundup: Crush That Interview

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You've made it past the first big hurdle. Your cover letter passed muster and your resume hit all the right notes. Now, you've got a meeting with the hiring manager. What does it take to nail the big interview? This is the biggest step on the way to your next gig and it's all about preparation, confidence and execution.The real work begins long before your sit down for the interview. Take time to prepare for your face-to-face.

You need to study and learn everything you can about the company as well everything about the person with whom you're interviewing. The prospective company's website and social media channels are invaluable. A search on the latest corporate news will guarantee you are up to date.

Don't forget to read the job description several times thoroughly. Be ready to speak to your skills and experience as they relate to it. Use the description as a template to showcase your value to the organization and how you will be a great cultural fit.

While you can't anticipate every question, think about answers for all common interview questions. Rehearse them in your mind. And don't forget to have smart questions ready to ask your interviewer.

Here are 5 great articles by job search and career experts on prepping for your next interview.

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Review Sheet: 10 Important Interview Prep Checklist Steps

Careerealism has an essential SlideShare presentation that will have you ready to crush that face-to-face meeting. This list will walk you through the ten biggest steps necessary to prepare yourself for a successful interview.
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These Are The Only 3 Interview Questions You Need To Prepare For

Business Insider pares the process down to three simple, but absolutely critical questions. Do you have the skills? Do you possess the passion? Are you a cultural fit? Answer these correctly and you could be zeroing in on your next career move.
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How To Explain A Gap On Your CV

Having to explain a period of unemployment can be terrifying for the job seeker and often a deal breaker for a prospective employer. Unfortunately, all too many of us have been out of work during our careers. LinkedIn takes the pain out of this awkward question and helps you reframe it as win. logo

Most Common Interview Mistakes

Mistakes happen and interviews go awry, but many missteps can be easily avoided. points out ten bonehead moves that can kill your chances. Don't let these happen to you!

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What to Change If You're Getting Interviews But No Job Offers

You're getting meetings, but you're not sealing the deal. What's wrong? The US News & World Report On Careers blog reveals six critical mistakes you could be making. Plus, they dig deep into how to troubleshoot and fix them for your next interview.

Interviews are never easy, but a little homework goes a long way. You've got one shot so make the most of it. Please let me know your thoughts and insights on interviews in comments and have a great weekend.
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