Substitute Teacher Accused of Stapling Students


Those kids who were making tutorial videos about how to get their teachers fired would've been all over this one.

Today in What's Freaking Wrong With People, meet Alisha Cook, a Tennessee substitute teacher who's being accused of stapling her sixth grade students. If you're anything like us, you're probably envisioning a bunch of kids linked by their stapled cuffs in a delightful chorus line. That's not what we're talking about here. What we're talking about, unfortunately, is flesh. Why? One of the injured students thinks she knows, and the reason is pretty bizarre.

Elizabeth Gobble, who was among the victims at Carter County's Central Elementary, told WJHL that the teacher bragged about stapling high school students. "They said, 'I don't believe you,' and then she said, 'Do you want to see?'"

A note to all the substitute teachers out there: there are plenty of great activities and fun games you can use to break the ice with your students. Stapling them in the arm is not one of them. Stapling them in the arm is not a fun game.

Three students were stapled by Cook, apparently due in part to the forces of peer pressure. "All these classmates said that if you don't do it then you are a 'p-word,'" Gobble added. Which, of course.

After the school nurse removed the staples, Gobble's mother, Brandy Gobble, received a call from the school. "The principal called to tell me that my daughter wasn't in trouble, but she had been stapled by a teacher," she said.

The mother filed an affidavit the same day. Cook, 34, was then arrested and charged with three counts of simple assault. She's currently behind bars on a $5,000 bond.

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