Pittsburgh Hotel Dog Has A Better Job Than Most Humans

Pittsburgh's Fairmont Hotel is the kind of place where guests can do pretty much whatever they want, whether it's covering a bed with rose petals or getting an in-room manicure. "We never say no. If it can be done, it will be done," Mark Chambers, the hotel's chief concierge, told ABC affiliate WTAE. But what if a guest has a hankering to walk a dog? As it turns out, the Fairmont's got them covered.

When we talk about dog jobs, we're usually thinking of something more like this. But Edie, an all white boxer-lab mix, is the hotel's official canine ambassador, serving guests in need of one-on-one dog time.

Samra Savioz, a regular guest at the Fairmont, enjoys taking her for walks around town. "It's a little bit of home and it's a little therapeutic," she said.

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Edie, who lives with public relations manager Julie Abramovic, was trained as a service dog. But--get this--she was just too nice for the job, and soon transitioned to her current gig at the Fairmont. She now comes to work with Abramovic every day.

"If you're a hotel guest, you can sign Edie out and walk around the city with her. So she loves doing that," Abramovic told WTAE. Chambers added that the dog even takes guests on guided tours of the city--or at least favorite fire hydrants.

Edie was originally found living in the street, and was eventually rescued from a Cincinnati shelter. But now, as Canine Ambassador at a luxury hotel, she's set for life. Just don't ask her to give you restaurant suggestions--that's more Chambers's area.

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