Florida Man Stages Burglary To Avoid Going To Work

How far would you go to avoid going to work? Would you fake being sick? Invent a family emergency? How about stage a burglary in your own home, then call 911 and wait for the cops to arrive? Well, that's allegedly what Dwayne Yeager of Hillsborough County, Florida did when he wanted to take a "me" day, but his wife just wouldn't let him.

According to KSDK.com, deputies said Yeager went into his home and opened a bedroom window before calling 911:

Caller: My door's wide open, my windows to my son's bedroom are wide open. My TV's in there on the ground.

Dispatcher: Did you see anybody when you came in, or is anything missing that you can see?

Caller: I called y'all right away. All I see is the front door wide open. Called my wife and I asked her, we did go out the front door, right? She said yes.

Dispatcher: Did you see any vehicles driving away when you were pulling up or anything like that?

Caller: On the corner, right when I pulled up, a white kind of little Honda Civic pulling away. White, it had kind of like a black fender."

Hillsborough County deputies soon arrived to find no sign of forced entry (or mysterious two-tone Honda), and said that the 31-year-old didn't realize he could go to jail for what he'd done. "He stated his wife was adamant that he go to work, and he didn't want to," Bay News 9 said a local police report read.

Yeager also allegedly told his neighbors, who were disturbed by the arriving deputies and K9s, to check their windows and make sure their kids are safe.

"To me it would have been easier just to go to work," one neighbor told KDSK. "Instead, he got a ride to jail."

Yeager is currently out on a $500 bond, awaiting one charge of lying to deputies.

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