Mail Delivery In Iowa Halted By Threatening Chihuahua

We're all familiar with the stereotype of the mailman thwarted by an angry dog, chomping at his heels as he runs off, leaving a trail of dropped letters behind him. Usually the kind of animal we're picturing is a big, square-headed bruiser at the end of a chain, but one dog is proving that even pint-sized pooches can pack a punch--and mail delivery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is suffering because of it.

According to, the mail carrier for a block in Cedar Rapids felt threatened by a resident Chihuahua mix, and the USPS has temporarily halted deliveries out of concern for the carrier's safety.

"The dog has interfered, on a number of occasions, with the delivery of the mail in that particularly neighborhood," said Postal Service Spokesman Richard Watkins. After the mail carrier saw the dog unrestrained for the fifth time, the Post Office sent out letters saying the the entire block's mail is on hold.

The break in service has affected about a dozen homes on Walker Street Northeast, where the dog lives with owner Guillermo Tellez, who insists that his dog is friendly.

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"It's a nice dog," he said, adding that it plays well with children. But some of his neighbors, who, for now, must pick up their mail from a nearby Post Office, are coming out on the mail carrier's side.

"We got chased a couple times just bringing groceries into our house in our own driveway," said Alyssa Taylor, Tellez's next-door neighbor. "We called Animal Control at that point and they did come and seize the dogs because it did not have its vaccines up to date. Two weeks later my five-year-old was bit in the leg in the back of our own yard."

Others just want the situation resolved. "It's a bunch of poop," said Elmer Kasey, who lives on the block. "I think it's got stamps on it and it says to deliver it, they should deliver it."

According to the USPS, more than 5,000 workers were attacked by dogs in 2012. Maybe they should think about revising that whole credo of theirs: Neither snow nor rain stays these couriers. Chihuahas, on the other hand...

In the meantime, KCRG reported that police said the dog's owner will be cited if his pet is seen running around the neighborhood.

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