The 5 Best Things to Buy in April

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Today, with the help of Erin Konrad -- who helps create content at -- DailyFinance shares some of the smartest buys throughout April. These are items or services at their all-time low prices for the year.

Summer Air Travel

Last month, we suggested you pounce on travel deals, and they have lingered into April with an emphasis on flying discounts. "Airlines start to offer great deals for summer vacations in April," noted Konrad. "By booking several months ahead, you'll have access to awesome prices if you hit up sites like Expedia." She says you can save even more moolah if you use coupon codes during checkout. Sign up for newsletters from travel websites such as Expedia, TravelZoo, Southwest and Priceline. You can also find travel package deals on websites such as Groupon and LivingSocial, which may have discount codes. "It's always better to book during the week rather than on weekends when prices go up," she said. "Most say Tuesday afternoons are the best bet."

Earth-Friendly, Green Goods

What better month to purchase eco-friendly goods than April? Earth Day happens on April 22, but retailers use the entire month to promote green goodies. Throughout April, keep your eyes out for specials on organic foods, natural beauty and skincare items and other products that are particularly kind to our home planet. You'll probably notice many retailers offer discounts, launch products and provide coupons.

Winter Gear

"Since colder weather is on its way out, many retailers mark down their winter gear, such as snowboards, ski boots, and outerwear," said Konrad. "Sites like and offer amazing winter clearance sales with items marked down as much as 50 percent off." While you won't need these items in April -- nature willing -- assess your supplies and determine what you may need for when the snow hits next year.

Vacuums and Cleaning Supplies

"Since spring cleaning is on many people's to-do list, vacuums are often sold for lower prices," said Konrad. "New models usually hit stores in June, so retailers are eager to get rid of the older models in April. That means you can find a great deal at places." Additionally, cleaning supplies in general remain a great buy in April. Look for specials and coupons in your newspaper and online.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Need a new coffee grinder? What about a blender? Or maybe you've been eyeing one of those fancy-schmancy Kitchen-Aid mixers? April is the best time to buy small kitchen appliances, including all of the above. "Graduation and wedding season is right around the corner, so retailers begin putting small kitchen appliances on sale during April," explained Konrad. Additional items to look out for include toasters, coffee makers, hand mixers, toaster ovens, slow cookers, food processors and more.

Best and Worst Things to Buy in April
Best and Worst Things to Buy in April
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