Waitress Receives Life-Changing Tips In Prank Video

If a prank has a positive effect on the prank-ee, is it still a prank? Break.com has put semantics aside with a hearty "yes," in a new video where they conspire with YouTube comedy duo SMOSH to give one waitress the best shift of her life.

Chelsea Roff is a struggling server at Los Angeles's Spring Street Smokehouse. She raised her younger sister, and spends her free time running a yoga therapy program for sufferers of eating disorders. The video finds her receiving a series of escalating tips from Break.com's accomplices.

First, a customer leaves her a $1,000 tip. Then another offers her two tickets to Hawaii.

Roff's muted reaction suggests she has at least some hint of what's going on (having a full camera crew in your workplace will do that); the effect of such pile-driving good fortune is like having the end of an Undercover Boss episode compressed into three minutes.

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The do-goodery continues as another customer, a clinical psychologist who just happens to be running a new yoga therapy program, asks Roff to come work for her. And another leaves her a set of keys with the receipt, just before a shiny new Nissan pulls up in front of the restaurant. A friend, serving as a kind of bonus prank, pops out to give Roff a hug.

"The work that she's doing now is impacting and saving lives," the friend says, we assume referring to the whole yoga thing, and not Roff serving people onion blossoms. "How could I not want to be a part of that?"

For her part, Roff seems genuinely moved by the end of the video, which is one of several "#PrankItFWD" clips devised by Break.com for April Fool's Day (others feature homeless people, friendly cops, and surprise Emma Watsons). For every 1,000 views, the site will donate $1 to non-profit DoSomething.org, so you can be certain that you're clicking for a good cause.

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