The Weekly Roundup: Network Like a Pro, Part 2

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You will likely NEVER walk into a networking event armed with business cards and resumes and walk out with a job offer. Networking is a process that requires time, effort and patience. It starts with a connection. Then, you nurture the relationship. If it works, over time you will create a powerful and mutually beneficial connection.

A networking breakfast I attended this week perfectly illustrates the results of successfully making a connection and allowing it to grow.It all started last summer when I was invited to a startup pitch and bonded with a fellow attendee. After exchanging emails, we met for coffee a few weeks later. We've kept in touch, bumped into one another at events and introduced each other to several colleagues and co-workers. Eight months later, I consider him a friend and through him my circle of connections has grown. He hosted this week's event and I had the chance to meet 20 more of his connections. And it all started with a handshake.

My best advice for networking is simple. Say hello. Listen. Find out how you can help them. Ask to reconnect later. Follow up. Repeat. And repeat again.

The more you do it, the easier it gets. Plus, the results will often astound you.

Here are a handful of great networking strategies and tactics that you can use to establish and expand your circle.

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The Best Advice About Networking
To come up with the best advice, LinkedIn did what we should all do; they networked and crowdsourced. Reaching out to nine expert networkers, they gathered top tips and best practices. Just about every nugget here is spot-on and dead smart advice.

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Five Messages to My Younger Self About Networking
What if you could go back and talk to your younger self? What would you say? What advice would you give? The Citi blog attempts time travel and doles out five sage tips that actually work for all networkers, young and not so young alike.

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Networking Tips for Introverts
Networking can be very intimidating for all of us and it doesn't always favor those who aren't outgoing and assertive. However, HuffPost Business shows you how to use your reserved personality to your advantage. Plus, they uncover some stealth opportunities to build both your confidence and your network.

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4 Top Tips For Networking Effectively
You can network or you can network effectively. There is a big difference and Social-Hire has four savvy pointers to make your efforts more impactful. From establishing a clear plan of action through a potent follow-up, they've got you covered.

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How to Plan a One-on-One Networking Meeting
While large events provide the opportunity to meet a lot of people quickly, don't mistake quantity for quality. The one-on-one meeting can be networking on steroids. U.S. News & World Report walks you through the whole process. Find out how to frame your initial ask and what to do before, during and after your meeting.

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Networking Tips
Let's end the week with some radically unconventional networking advice from The Onion, America's Finest News Source. If any of these actually succeed for you, please let me know! Remember, don't try these tips at home!

Let me know how your networking strategy is working. I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts in comments. Now get out there and make connections. Have a great week.
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