Enterprising Marijuana Moms Balance Cannabis Career and Family

Photo: Zachary Armstrong

Brittany Driver is a marijuana critic and "Pot and Parenting" columnist for the Denver Post's marijuana website, The Cannabist. As part of her job responsibilities, Brittany tests different strains of marijuana and writes knowledgeable and experiential reviews to provide the reader with an unbiased critique. Brittany also writes a "Pot and Parenting" column in which she details what it's like to be a marijuana-using parent in hopes of providing insight for those who might have a skewed view on what a pot smoker truly is. This all comes second of course to her favorite job as a stay-at-home mom to her 2-year-old son.

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Marijuana Moms Balance Cannabis Career And Family
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Enterprising Marijuana Moms Balance Cannabis Career and Family

Julie Dooley is the owner/baker behind Julie & Kate Baked Goods. "For a woman like myself," she tells AOL Jobs, "the new industry in Colorado has provided a safe opportunity to explore the potential of cannabis. It has been my pleasure to be a part of the new Green Rush, working with many women who all share my joys and setbacks. Together we have united a strong group that is paving the way for people all over the country. Every day is filled with challenges, typical of any business and parent. However, there is also much joy."

Photo: Julie & Kate Baked Goods

To look at the photo, you'd think Toni Fox and her Colorado family were pretty typical. It might surprise you to learn that the 42-year-old mother of two children, is the owner of an 18,000 square-foot marijuana grow in North Denver with the world's largest cannabis cultivation viewing corridor.

Fox started 3D Cannabis Center as a medical marijuana center in 2010, but has made the transition to recreational marijuana. Toni is also an activist working for federal cannabis legalization and is currently working on expanding the cultivation for 3D with over an acre of outdoor greenhouse facility expansion.

Photo: Toni Fox

Georgia Edson, 44-year-old mother of Gavin, 9, and her husband, Warren, have been married for 13 years. Armed with a Masters in Social Work, Georgia began her career in out-patient and in-patient drug treatment programs, and later spent 15 years addressing state and federal compliance issues for Medicaid program recipients. These days, Georgia runs an internet radio station, iCannabis Radio, focused on cannabis news, laws, entertainment and advocacy.

Photo: Georgia Edson

"I came out of the legalization closet," Edson explains, "because as a mother it is important to me to ensure my son understands the truth about drugs – including cannabis. This led me to creating an organization, Run on Grass, whose philosophy is that legalization advocates come in all shapes and sizes, and can be found doing a variety of activities –- working toward ending the myth of the 'stoner' stereotype, with the ultimate goal of cannabis legalization."

Amy Dannemiller, MSW, has spent 15 years producing large scale conferences and fundraisers nationwide. In November 2013 she created a brand and business alias, Jane West and founded Edible Events Co., an upscale event series in Denver, CO designed to cater to women and change stereotypes of cannabis consumers.

Identifying a need to engage female entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry, she is now launching a women's networking organization, Women Grow, on a national level set to debut in June of 2014. She lives in Colorado with her husband and two young sons. Find her on twitter @edibleeventsco or Facebook as Jane West.

Photo: Amy Dannemiller


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