Introducing The Kinect For Windows 2

When Microsoft release the Kinect motion tracking camera for the Xbox 360, it soon after debuted a version for Windows too. It wasn't much different, but it was designed with the PC in mind, so it's really no surprise that with the release of the Kinect 2.0 with the Xbox One, Microsoft would again release a PC version for of it. Here it is.

However this time around, it's near identical to the Xbox version. In-fact it is identical, bar a couple of aesthetic changes and some extra bundled cables.

With this one the Xbox logo is replaced with a simple power indicator and the word "Kinect" has been stuck on the top, in case you forgot what it actually was.

With the camera you also get a separate power adaptor, since you won't have an Xbox to plug it into. It also has a USB 3.0 cable for data purposes.

"As this first look at the Kinect for Windows v2 hardware indicates, we getting closer and closer to launch. So stay tuned for more updates on the next generation of Kinect for Windows," reads the Microsoft blog post.

No word on a release date yet, or how much it will be. Microsoft was also unsurprisingly tight lipped on the idea of releasing a Xbox One without the Kinect (for cheaper) using this as an alternative upgrade option.

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