Flappy Golf Cheats And Tips

Rather than produce another Flappy Bird clone, Noodlecake Studios did the next best thing with Flappy Golf. It took its Super Stickman Golf HD formula and wrapped it around a ball you control via flapping. At first, it seems rather easy, but as you learn to balance momentum and utilize in-game objects like portals and sticky walls, it becomes difficult to master.

Here are some tips that'll have you flapping to the hole in no time!

How do I play Flappy Golf?

You basically have two primary functions in Flappy Golf - you can flap left or flap right. The goal is to get to the hole in as few flaps as possible, earning gold, silver or bronze stars upon completion. The more stars you earn, the more levels you can unlock later on, with over 30 different tiers to choose from.

Do I want to avoid obstacles in Flappy Golf?

With most of them, no. You'll want to use some to your advantage, either as a launching point or a resting spot where you can regain your momentum. For instance, with the sticky walls, you can perch your ball on the wall and then flap in a completely different direction, upwards towards a hole. The same can be said for sand traps, which stop you completely and let you start from scratch.

However, some obstacles, like laser beams and water puddles, should be avoided, as they'll force you to start all over again.

How does momentum work in Flappy Golf?

Momentum is truly one of the better tactics you can use in the game. By flapping in a key direction multiple times, you'll gain speed, which you can use to bounce off walls or slide off ramps to keep going. However, there's a flip side to this, as sometimes you'll be going too fast to catch onto something, such as a portal opening or a sticky wall.

In this case, you'll want to flap in the opposite direction to counter-act your speed. Doing this will cost you a few crucial flaps, but it'll help with your accuracy and getting where you want the ball to go. It'll take some practice, but it doesn't cost anything to try a level again, so don't be afraid to shoot for a better score and go for the gold.

How do I get through smaller gaps in Flappy Golf?

It's all a matter of timing. Flap too much and you'll fly right over the opening you need to reach. Don't flap enough and you'll bonk against the wall. Remember that you can hit the flap button consecutively if you want to get a specific boost from your ball, and that could be just enough to get through a tiny gap and save yourself some flaps, thus earning a gold star for the stage. Just keep practicing and you'll see what we mean.

What if I don't earn a gold star in Flappy Golf?

A gold star's flap rating can usually be achieved, although sometimes you'll need to use a specific trick on a level to get around using flaps, such as sliding down a wall or maneuvering your way to an otherwise out-of-reach portal. It'll pay off in the long run if you keep trying, though, and eventually you'll unlock the gold star with no problem and move on.

How can I reach higher areas in Flappy Golf without hitting walls?

This is where counteractive flapping comes into play. To reach a great distance in a hurry without sacrificing too much, tap the left and right flap buttons in conjunction with one another. You'll begin to ascend and as a result, reach the higher ledge or hole that you need to reach.

I landed on the green in Flappy Golf. Won't flapping send me flying over the hole?

Nope. Once you're on the putting green, simply tap left or right on the flap buttons to slide your ball forward. You don't have to worry about flying off unless you hit the flap button too many times and go speeding off. Just be gentle and take your score.

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