Internet To USPS: 'What's Amazing Is This Guy Has A Job'

YouTube, eDude76
The USPS ranks somewhere between Cablevision and fermented shark in the universal catalog of Things People Hate. And a video of a postal worker chucking a package at a customer's door isn't going to aid matters, as the sweeping online response has already proven.

In the video, filmed Monday in the Syracuse, N.Y. area, a USPS driver can be seen driving up to a customer's home and, rather than getting out and leaving the package at the door, winging it against the garage as if it's some kind of shot-put. According to uploader eDude76 the package contained a hard drive, and while it remained unharmed from its Olympic throw, he was naturally a little incensed.

"Hey USPS employees, is this an accepted delivery method?" he posted on Reddit soon after. "Tired of damaged equipment and dents in my garage door." Okay, so the driver here was actually a rural carrier--a contractor, as opposed to an actual USPS employee--but that information isn't going to fix eDude76's garage.

The user said that this wasn't the first instance of USPS mishandling his deliveries. "Yes, I understand boxes can go through rough(er) handling while in transit, but that's not the point," he said in a YouTube comment. "Not to mention being dropped on top of another box or conveyer belt is not the same thing."

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The YouTube clip has already been viewed more than 850,000 times, due in part to its use in response to a Spiderman-themed online campaign USPS launched Tuesday with the hashtag "#AmazingUSPS." We're not sure what USPS was expecting people to respond with: heartwarming tales of on-time deliveries? Favorite memories of the post office? At any rate, the video has sparked a wider conversation about USPS's practices; on the video's YouTube page, eDude76 calls for the ability to report drivers via an online interface.

But for now, USPS is keeping quiet about the whole ordeal. "Our employees are committed to delivering your mail far and wide, and we thank those that value their hard word," their latest tweet reads. eDude's carrier must've been working especially hard--he has an impressive underhand throw.

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